Don Stanford

American author. Although a fairly prolific writer, Don Stanford did not dabble much in the world of the pony book, writing one traditional type pony story for the older reader and a historical adventure about the pony express riders. His pony story is quite a well-known one - The Horsemasters - and despite the author being American, it is set in England. This possibly accounts for the number of times it has been reprinted here. It was also made into a film by Disney.

Horse & Pony Books:

1st UK edition HARRAP 1957 ( illustrated by Michael Lyne)
Reprinted in the USA in hardback.
Reprinted in paperback by Scholastic with different illustrator Al Brule.
Published in the UK by Harrap, this edition with different illustrator Michael Lyne.
Also reprinted in hardback in the UK by Brockhampton, White Lion and in paperback by Puffin.
This was also adapted into a 1961 Disney film.
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st UK edition, USA hardback reprint, unknown hardback edition, Scholastic paperback, Puffin paperback, Disney video of film version.
SUMMARY: American Dinah arrives in England to study for her BHS preliminary instructors certificate and finds out that working in the world of horses is harder than she had ever imagined!

SUMMARY: Fictionalised historical story of the Pony Express riders of the Old West. The strange subtitle refers to the fact that because the job was so dangerous orphans and others with no family ties were the preferred choice of rider! If you are interested in this topic another book which may appeal is San Domingo by Marguerite Henry, in which the young hero works a stint as a Pony Express rider.

Collectors info:
The Horsemasters recently seems to have gone up a lot in price, even the paperback edition (which used to be quite cheap). This edition is still the easiest to be found in the UK. Though originally published in the USA, the book is no easier to find there than in the UK. The most collectable edition due to its wonderful Michael Lyne illustrations is probably the UK Harrap edition. This may be quite expensive with dust jacket. Must be Good Riders is a lot easier to find than The Horsemasters in America (and a lot cheaper!) but is harder to get hold of in the UK as it was never reprinted here